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Welcome to JEM Marketing and Fulfilment Services Ltd.

Established in 1984, JEM Marketing started by offering mail order support services for products featured editorially within the National and Periodical Press.


With 30 years of successfully trading, we have grown to become one of the UK’s most trusted and respected providers of response fulfilment solutions. To date we are a privately owned company that specialises in outsourced, outbound fulfilment solutions.


Delivering efficient service whilst maintaining flexibility is our primary focus. Irrespective of the size of your business, or order volume, our team takes a partnership approach working closely with you, your agencies, and previous suppliers to ensure that work is implemented smoothly.


Our vast experience enables us be a “one-stop-shop” for all your reader offer and retail sales fulfilment requirements: from product marketing and supply to customer order handling; warehousing and delivery to banking and management reporting services.


What to Expect Working With Our Team


We work hard to gain a full understanding of your business and its processes. Your account manager will work closely with you to understand your requirements, that include everything from the services you wish to outsource to the education of your business or brand ethos to ensure we keep the integrity throughout. This will allow us to be The Invisible Link to your business.


In our meetings we set levels of service, to measure performance and benchmark of the achievements at regular account review meetings.


We encourage regular reviews to make sure that our service levels meet the clients expectations.


If we discover areas where we believe JEM could enhance processes, we offer to discuss them with you…we are always looking for ways help clients achieve additional efficiencies.

Our Fulfilment Services...

     - Traditional Fulfilment with Tomorrows Technology

      - Account Management & Development

      - Personalised Customer Service

      - Dedicated Telephone Line & Answering Service

      - Full Internet Web Integration

      - Offshore Fulfilment

      - Products for Promotional Fulfilment & Incentive Sourcing

      - Financial Management

      - Inventory Control & Warehousing


Our Pick and Pack Services...

      - Labelling (Product code, Price, ext…)

      - Gift wrapping

      - Shrink wrapping

      - Security tag fixing

      - Vacuum packing

      - Barcode scanning options for receiving, picking and distribution

      - Breakdown of bulk shipments and repackaging as orders are received

      - Customised packing services

      - Product returns

      - We can source all packaging materials if required

      - UK and or Worldwide parcel delivery services

Outsourcing your fulfilment requirements can be a huge investment to your business and its success. The costs of running a warehouse and the pick and pack process can be a huge investment. In terms of costs that you would be saving include:

 - Warehouse

 - Health & Safety Requirements

 - Staff Wages & Training

 - Maintenance

 - Building Insurance

 - Depreciation

JEM provides international fulfilment solutions.

UK based full service fulfilment centre, with nearly 30 years experience, providing fulfilment and reader offer services to a range of clients both regionally and internationally.

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 Outsourcing your fulfilment requirements is not only economical, but allows your business to be profitable again.

What is Fulfilment?


Fulfilment, which can also be known as order fulfilment or product fulfilment, is the process whereby a company fulfills their obligations to send a person an item or product that the person has ordered, purchased, or requested from the organisation.



JEM Fulfilment Solutions


Our definition of ‘fulfilment services’ and, more importantly, the range of services available to you, is both broad and deep. It ensures you can achieve maximum returns on your promotions coupled with real customer satisfaction. We are always keen to adopt your company ethos and reflect this in the fulfilment we perform on your behalf.






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What are Reader Offers?


Reader offers are a method to promote products or services through a newspaper or magazine. This is an affinity-marketing solution where service providers match products to a publications reader profile, designing advertisements, and then monitoring the response to advertisements.



JEM Reader Offer Solutions


For years now, our Reader Offers division has been sourcing products to both regional and national magazines. We have cultivated relationships with big names such as Country Living, BBC GoodFood and Auto Express just to name a few of the publications we work close with.


Apart from sourcing products, we can also provide clients the opportunity to maximise returns from regional and national publications. We have the ability to feature your products in these publications.


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Delivering for You


We take a partnership approach at JEM working closely with you, your agencies, and previous suppliers to ensure that work is implemented smoothly. We aim to help you achieve and exceed your targets by being the invisible link between you and your customer. We offer additional services that will increase your efficiencies, lower your over head costs and most importantly free up your time so you can focus on growth related activities.



    Customer Services

    Banking / Financial Management

    Call Centre / Contact Centre

    eCommerce Platforms

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Economical Fulfilment Solutions

That can be Tailored to Fit Your Business Needs

Whether the orders are for customers or trade, we’ll make all the arrangements and follow the delivery, right through to the goods arriving at your customer’s door.

JEM Marketing and Fulfilment Services Warehouse.
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What is Pick and Pack?


Pick and Pack is the process of distribution goods and marketing material. This process begins with the arrival of goods or materials, dissembling them, picking the relevant product and re-packaging with a shipping label and lastly including the invoice.


JEM Fulfilment Solutions


We are happy to offer flexible solutions that cater to each and every clients requirements. We have the ability to provide and accommodate custom packing solutions. Gift wrapping, vacuum packing, product returns and shrink wrapping are just a few of the many services that we happy to offer. Our Pick and Pack fees are all inclusive with no hidden fees to worry about.




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JEM's Storage and Warehousing


Based in Cranleigh, we have multiple storage facilities that are located on site next to our head office.


We provide commercial storage facilities that are safe, modern, clean and secure. Each warehouse is current with health and safety code. In addition to the facilities our IT infrastructure provides our clients full visibility of their products, no matter where in the world they are located. Each building is equipped with modern sprinkler systems incorporating the latest smoke and fire detection technology and are continuously monitored 24 hours a day.


We offer bulk storage; palletised and racked storage; stock management and control.





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JEM's Inventory and Stock


JEM uses its very own developed bespoke fulfilment software. Innovation in fulfilment technology is a principle we believe strongly in. With continual investment in IT development, this ensures that our systems are able to adapt to a continually changing business environment, maximising profitability and efficiency for all. Additionally, our specialised software enables us to track stock usage and ensure that our clients always have a supply to meet their business needs.


JEM System Features:

- Real Time Stock Levels

- Fast Moving Products

- Monthly Usage

- Pick and Pack Specification Report

- Stock Search by Description and Stock Code

- The ability to create custom reports

- And much more..

We’ll work closely with you to find the best method that suits your individual needs, whether this is based upon cost, speed, or both. And all deliveries are fully trackable, whether they are sent via Royal Mail or couriers.

Irrespective of the Size of Your Business, or Order Volumes,

JEM Can Offer Fulfilment Solutions That Can Accommodate your Business Needs

What our clients have to say...

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JEM have consistently demonstrated advantages from item packaging to very sophisticated IT systems that have continued to maintain and improve the level of customer service response we like to offer. We were also very impressed with the sales order processing manual they have developed for our operations within JEM".

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We have the skills and bespoke technology to ensure you meet your targets and deadlines. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and advise you on how we can improve your bottom line.

  • - Oneida International Ltd.

    “It was quite a leap of faith for us to hand our reputation over to a third party and I could not be happier with the way it has all been handled.”


    Oneida International Ltd. logo
  • - The Yes Yes Company Ltd.

    “We are all very excited about the changes already being felt over here, and are thrilled with JEM’s input.”

    The Yes organic product range


  • - Butterfly Twists

    “We have no hesitation in recommending services and systems that seem to be able to handle any scenario, no matter how complex.”

    Butterfly Twists logo
  • - Lin and Leo

    “As we expand our range we look forward to working with JEM Marketing into the future.”

    Lin and Leo logo
  • - Mahoney Marshall

    “Getting a product to market is a skill in its own right and realising our strengths lay in design, I needed to find a company who could handle the Response Fulfilment from the advertising I planned.”

    Mahoney Marshall Rock Clock
  • - Microcurrent

    “JEM were happy to fix prices for a significant period to allow growth and development.”

    Microcurrent MicroDoctor product
  • - Small Luxury Hotels

    “JEM have handled all our voucher processing and voucher finances from the outset in a very professional manner. We would not hesitate to recommend their services to a new client.”

    Small Luxury Hotels logo
  • - SK Chase

    "We are so happy with the service we receive from the SK Chase team at JEM - it's easy to forget when you become 'used' to something being so consistently good to acknowledge the excellent work and efficiency of the team."

    SK Chase logo
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