What is Fulfilment?

Fulfilment can best be described as a service of holding stock; whether physical or digital, handling the orders by pick and pack, and despatching the product. In other words, to fulfil the order.


What are the benefits of Fulfilment?

1. Reduces staff required

Managing your own order fulfilment requires an investment in staff. Monitoring, mentoring and motivating warehouse staff can be time consuming and costly. When you outsource your fulfilment you hand the responsibility for staff management over to the fulfilment company to benefit from their expertise.


2. Tailored warehouse facilities

Handling your own warehouse facilities can be a burden for any growing business. Finding the right warehousing and storage facility at the right price without committing to a long-term lease can be extremely difficult, as business needs will often change. Using a fulfilment company gives you the flexibility of increasing or decreasing your warehouse needs as required. In addition, the facilities provided - such as forklifts and specialised packing machinery - can benefit your business, without the need for significant investment in infrastructure.


3. Increases effectiveness

When creating your business your motivation was probably not 'because you like packing boxes'. Outsourcing your order fulfilment enables you to focus on your core business, using your skills and vision to develop your company. Effective time management is vital to success, and by using professional fulfilment services you will have more time and energy to spend developing your brand.


4. Reduces costs

There are many cost saving benefits to outsourcing your fulfilment: reduced employee costs, lower warehousing costs, savings on packaging costs though volume purchasing, and lower shipping costs as fulfilment companies can negotiate better rates from couriers due to volume. These cost savings can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line and can improve cash flow for your business. These savings can allow you invest in your business growth and help drive your success.


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