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What we do

We're committed to continued innovation in the fulfilment sector. Learn more about our process and what you can expect when you join the JEM family.

Step 1: Taking Stock

Our team receive your products and confirm the box quantities received. We also offer full product checks; performing a thorough quality inspection before counting individual items for our bespoke inventory system.

Step 2: Storage

We then store these items in one of our safe and secure warehouses, offering pallet, racking and hanging space. We choose the most accessible spot for your stock, so our pick and pack time is as prompt as possible, costing you less.

Step 3: Order Processing

Customer orders are processed using our smart bespoke system, whether this comes to us by post, phone or through an integrated ecommerce platform. With our own internal IT support, we can offer you ecommerce integration, or a solution that connects with most platforms. You can also check the progress of an order at any time through our client portal.

Step 4: Despatch

Our specialist warehouse team will pick and pack your orders promptly, then despatch them through one of the various postal services we offer. As stock levels fluctuate, the numbers are automatically updated in our system, providing live and up-to-date reporting.

Step 5: Tracking & Delivery

If applicable, a despatch date and tracking information is also updated on any CRM linked to the order. Your products arrive at their destination on-time through the many postal services and delivery options that we offer, resulting in happy customers due to our fast, accurate and thorough service.

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If you feel that your company may benefit from our refined and perfected fulfilment services, simply fill out the contact form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours! Alternatively, you can call us now on 01483 204444.

Our Services

We can provide you with the complete range of fulfilment services from storage to despatch. Alternatively, you can cherry-pick from our services, allowing us to construct a bespoke plan built around your brand, with you and your customers in mind.


We offer seamless integration with the most popular platforms and offer fully scalable eCommerce packages

Pick and Pack

Pick and pack rates that are all-inclusive, with no hidden fees to worry about


We provide commercial storage facilities that are secure, clean, modern and safe


Designed and maintained by us, our bespoke system links with your site and the greatest shopping platforms for intuitive use and easy stock control

Order Processing

Whatever method of order processing you need, we simplify customer transactions and cost management

Kitting/Assembly services

We are set up to label, kit and package on demand with dedicated order staging areas for product assembly and kitting

About Us


We've been in business for over 35 years, and among the many services we excel at, product fulfilment is our speciality. A huge part of why we’ve been successful is the ability to adapt and evolve with the industry’s needs.

To learn more about JEM and what gives us the cutting edge in delivering bespoke fulfilment services - check out our About us page.

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