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Long-gone are the days of flicking through the high-street catalogues and circling your wish list for Christmas, dog-earing pages for mental reminders and hints for presents. Although jotting a list of wants and demands down on paper and online wish lists are the way of the world these days, a lot of the brands and types of toys are incredibly similar as they have been over the past 20-years; with popular franchises dipping back into popularity every now and then, such as Power Rangers, Barbie and My Little Pony to name a few. With all this being said, let’s take a look at the top ten toys and brands tipped to fly off the shelves this Christmas in no particular order:

1. Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Vehicle

Popular television show Paw Patrol is a huge television hit with the kids, and as a result, the toys are highly sought after. Although this toy doesn’t include any ‘paws’, it does come with eight tentacles of an adorable octopus that is featured in an episode of the show! The Sea Patroller has flashing lights, sounds and a detachable anchor to help main man Ryder in his mission. This is just one of the many Paw Patrol toys, figures and playsets that will be released this close to the holiday season, and they do combine well to expand this fun play set.

2. Fingerlings

Fingerlings are cute animals that you can grip onto your finger. They come in all types of animal forms; the main products are a variety of monkeys, but, there is also a unicorn, a sloth, a squirrel and more. Whilst being wrapped around your finger, they react to sounds, movement and come equipped with up to 40 of their own different sounds. They even blink and have their own touch-sensors, so they know when they’re being pampered. Priced reasonably, we can see why they’re noted down to be popular this December.

3. FurReal Roarin’ Tyler

Now, FurReal do a whole host of different animals that you can get, but Tyler looks to steal the show this Christmas as he is the newest edition to the family. With over 100 sound and motion combinations, you can interact with Tyler, and when you pet him he’ll respond. To top things off, Tyler has a chicken toy that he reacts to when you squeak it. He sounds like a winner to us!

4. Hatchimals

Hatchimals are another lovable little fluffy toy this holiday season. But they aren’t just limited to this; they’ve released a clip-on miniature version of the full-sized Hatchimal, and also a hard plastic toy nursery set with the animal collection available to purchase separately, as well as a board game. Hatchimals come in singles and pairs and are packaged in eggs that they hatch from (hence the name). They can interact as pairs, react to touch and care and grow from babies to kids as they learn from the things you teach them.

5. PJ Masks Headquarters Playset

PJ Masks is a Disney Junior show modelled towards young kids who have visions of being superheroes (don’t we all), and they have now brought out a popular headquarters for the young heroes! Coming with one of the characters and his famous car with the others sold separately, the HQ from the show has a few fun things to do to keep kids’ imaginations busy and re-enacting scenes from the show.

6. Lego

After all these years Lego is still going strong. Let’s be honest, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without putting together hundred-piece-plus Lego sets only for it to be dismantled the next day, or that moment of shock when you step on a rogue forgotten brick. Lego’s marketing campaign and product reach is incredible and always seems to be better than ever. This Christmas, Star Wars playsets will be hot off the shelves once again, along with the working winter train self-branded sets, Ninjago, The Joker Mansion from Batman, the Simpsons sets and so many more. Prices go from however you pick your poison; a small set can cost from around £15 to the incredible Star Wars Death Star which will set you back £399.99.

7. Fisher Price Teach ‘n’ Tag Movi

Robots are back in the limelight bigtime this season, and a lot of them are upwards of £100. Here is one that won’t break the bank for young children and toddlers, though, and it has a lot of great features included that will keep them engaged for hours and hours of joy. With 360 degrees of movement, six interactive learning games to choose from, some lovely dance moves, a good game of tag and more, this little bot is a fun way to help kids learn some great pre-school important thinking skills for a sensible price.

8. TellTails

Coming off the success of wowing the entire Dragons’ Den panel and then being invested in by Deborah Meadon, TellTails have had an excellent year of exposure, and looking at the range of products, you can see why. Full of fun and quirk; dressing up your child or yourself up as an animal has never been easier or cuter than now with the tails that Telltails produce – simply clip the tail around the waist, and you’re good to go. Featuring an array of wonderfully soft and fluffy wearable animal tails from a monkey, to cats, foxes and tigers, to glow in the dark regular and pink dinosaur tails and so many more, these tails look lovely. You also have the chance to create your own favourite animal’s tail, so the possibilities are however far your mind stretches in the animal kingdom!

9. LOL Big Surprise Ball

In an era where product unboxing and reveal videos are all the rage because of the unknown, the LOL Big Surprise Ball is just that – a huge ball of surprises and joy. The ball has 50 different layers to crack open, and there are different items in each ball and layer for the excited unwrapper, such as stickers, clothes, outfits, bags shoes and more for the LOL Surprise Dolls. With the amount of time that this will take a child to open all of the layers on Christmas Day, the excitement will be off the charts.

10. Luvabella Doll

Dolls have come a long way in the last 20-years. No longer just based around feeding a doll with a spoon with faux food that magically smells like cherries with the Baby All Gone (even though to her credit, she was way ahead of her time), the Luvabella Doll is incredibly expressive and responsive. Her mouth, eyes and arms all move when feeding her. She giggles, reacts to her toys and has over 100 words and phrases that go from babbling to actual words. Oh, and she burps after feeding, of course. Coming in at £99.99, it’s a toy that does do a lot and is highly reactive, so children will get so many hours of fun in bonding with the Luvabella Doll.

So there concludes our list of possible popular toys for the holiday season this year. Just like every Christmas, there will be products that do so much better than first expected, and will be almost impossible to come across in stores and online as the holidays draw nearer. Also during this time, misjudged toys that are tipped to fly off of shelves don’t quite hit their mark and are the first to be put on the Boxing Day sales to shift before the yearly shopping craze is over. There are some incredibly smart products on the market again this year, though – whether it is a learning robot, an adorably reactive fluffy animal, a high-powered games console or a board game relabelled for a current popular gap in the market. With toy prices constantly rising, the Christmas period for adults resembles a constant scouring of websites for deals; but for children, it is a blissful period of hope to receive their favourite doll or bike to feel the magic of Christmas.

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