5 Reasons to Outsource Your Subscription Box Fulfilment

December 2023 - Fulfilment

As a committed subscription box provider, we understand the considerable time and effort involved in curating monthly packages that are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the person waiting on the other side of the door.

As your business grows, managing your subscription box fulfilment in-house can be tricky, with what once was adequate office space, now covered in this season’s stock and wrapping materials.

Outsourcing to a reputable subscription box fulfilment service can help you free up time, space and brain-power, making it easier to focus on other aspects of business, such as marketing and product development. In this blog, we’ll guide you through our top five reasons to consider outsourcing your subscription box fulfilment, shedding light on the challenges that may arise when making the decision and providing practical steps to facilitate a smooth transition.

How Do Subscription Boxes Differ From Regular ECommerce?

Essentially, subscription box fulfilment is designed to make every month feel a bit like Christmas. Unlike traditional eCommerce, which requires you to select and order the products you want as and when you desire, subscription box fulfilment services send you an assortment of products on a regular basis.

Subscription box fulfilment is a highly customised process, driven by a strict deadline. Subscribers eagerly anticipate the arrival of their boxes on a specific date every month, ensuring that the element of surprise remains intact for all recipients.

How Does Subscription Box Fulfilment Work?

In order to sign up to a subscription box fulfilment service, customers must first choose a subscription plan, this often includes options for different box sizes, themes and product categories. They will then agree to either pay in advance for a set number of months or on a recurring monthly basis. Payment is often taken automatically, ensuring a seamless billing experience.

Once a customer completes the sign-up process, they instantly become part of a community of subscribers. Once a month, your subscription box fulfilment provider will assemble the boxes using a unique collection of products, sourced from various suppliers, tailored to that month’s theme.

During the packing process, close attention will be paid to presentation and aesthetics, ensuring your boxes are as visually captivating as the high-quality products they contain. According to a precise schedule, the prepared boxes will then be dispatched to your subscribers.

A trusted subscription box fulfilment provider will equip your customers with adequate tracking information, allowing them to monitor the entire shipment process. Lastly, your customers will receive their eagerly awaited deliveries, unboxing the contents and, hopefully, sharing their excitement on social media.

Mystery Boxes – The Latest Subscription Box Trend

In recent years, mystery boxes have emerged as the latest trend in the world of subscription boxes, captivating buyers with an additional element of surprise. From beauty and fashion to gaming and sweet treats, mystery boxes are a great option for businesses operating in numerous industries. Not only do they act as an effective marketing tool, generating anticipation and excitement, they can also boost engagement and provide cross-selling opportunities.

At JEM Marketing & Fulfilment Services Ltd., our team is here to help you craft captivating mystery boxes that will keep customers coming back for more. To learn more about how we can support your mission to captivate shoppers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Subscription Box Fulfilment

While there are a number of benefits that come with opting for in-house fulfilment, such as having full control over quality assurance, there are many reasons why both thriving start-ups and established businesses alike can benefit from outsourcing their subscription box fulfilment. These include:

1. Free Up Space

Whether you’re currently operating from a rented office space or your spare room, outsourcing your fulfilment to a reputable provider allows you to efficiently use space that was previously used to store and pack orders.

2. Avoid Errors

Subscription consumers have high-expectations that their products will arrive on-time and in immaculate condition. Too many late arrivals and faulty products can lose you a customer, so ensuring operations run smoothly is crucial.

Subscription box fulfilment centres are designed to deliver optimal speed and efficiency. By outsourcing your operations, you’ll be investing in a quality service that leaves your customers satisfied time and time again.

3. Reduce Your Overhead Costs

Fulfilling subscription orders in-house requires a vast amount of supplies, leading to a gradual accumulation of significant overhead costs over time. Fulfilment centres will often buy these supplies in bulk, passing their savings on to you, the client.

4. Save Time

By entrusting your fulfilment to a seasoned subscription box fulfilment service provider, you’ll be in the position to allocate more of your time to tasks that could help to grow your brand. From marketing strategies to product development, there are so many areas of business that could benefit from your attention.

5. Improve Scalability

Fulfilment companies have the unique ability to scale their services up or down in accordance with fluctuating demands. This flexibility enables you to easily manage peak periods without having to hire or train additional staff, and without compromising on quality of service.

When is the Right Time to Outsource My Subscription Box Fulfilment?

If your subscription box company is experiencing a period of rapid growth and you’re finding it hard to keep up with an increase in order volume, now is the perfect time to consider outsourcing. Investing in high-quality services can help to streamline your operations, handling the scaling in an efficient manner.

Take the time to evaluate the cost of in-house fulfilment versus outsourcing. If the cost of maintaining an in-house operation is becoming excessive, or if outsourcing could, in fact, lead to cost-savings, now is the right time to take the plunge.

Choose Our Expert Subscription Box Fulfilment Services

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