A Guide to Assembly and Kitting for Ecommerce

October 2022 - Ecommerce, Fulfilment

As a result of growing demand and supply, many businesses have sought new ways to optimise their working operations. As well as increasing production efficiency, lowering overall costs and eliminating material waste, there are many benefits to opting for assembly and kitting services.

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What is Assembly and Kitting?

Assembly and kitting services can offer significant benefits to your business as you continue to grow.

Kitting involves combining two or more items to create one ready-to-ship package which is then sent to a single address. Examples of products that are commonly packaged in ‘kits’ include cosmetics, furniture and subscription boxes.

Assembly refers to the process of taking two or more components and combining them to make one end product. This package is then prepared and arranged for shipment. Assembly lines enable businesses to mass produce products in a swift and efficient manner.

When you choose our assembly and kitting services, we’ll reduce the time spent on picking and packing. Instead of finding each item and assembling it after a single order is placed, our warehouse team can swiftly choose the correct kit and move on to the next order. This results in a faster fulfilment process, so you’ll have more time to dedicate to your growing client base. For more information on our custom assembly and kitting services, please contact us today.

Why Outsource Assembly and Kitting?

Outsourcing your assembly and kitting needs to a third-party provider will enable you to focus more time on other areas of business.

You can also expect to reap a range of benefits, from lower overhead costs, reduced mistakes and improved lead times.

Bulk assembly and kitting can help you reduce costs on fulfilment by reducing label printing and shipping costs. Orders can be merged into a single shipping unit, again, saving valuable time and money.

Outsourcing your assembly and kitting can also help minimise the need for storage space and handling. This is particularly useful if you’re a smaller eCommerce business with little warehouse space available.

Assembly and kitting service providers can also turn the packaging process into an efficiently-run assembly line. This, in turn, eliminates common mistakes. Additionally, streamlining this complex operation guarantees you’re constantly aware of the number of products coming in and out of the warehouse at one time, simplifying the task of keeping track of inventory.

Want to make your packaging stand out from the crowd? Utilising a custom assembly and kitting service will allow you to not only use the most cost-effective packaging but to also customise your orders. You can use specific containers, unique to your brand, allowing you to market your company at every stage of the shipment process.

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Assembly and kitting Management – What Does the Process Look Like?

As previously mentioned, there are many types of businesses that would benefit from employing a assembly and kitting service provider. Understanding the logistics behind the service is crucial to deciding whether it’s the right choice for you.

When an order comes in for an individual product, it holds a unique code that allows staff members to identify that specific item and its whereabouts. The employee then finds the item in the warehouse and updates the inventory before shipping it out for delivery.

Using assembly and kitting services enables you to box items together to create one single package. Instead of each individual product receiving a unique code, each set of items is assigned a singular encryption. As a result, when an order comes in, the items are already pre-assembled, ready to be packaged and sent off for delivery.

The five stages of the assembly and kitting process are:

Store Inventory – The product manufacturer stores its inventory of each individual item with a 3PL (third-party logistics)
Kitting – When an order comes in, the 3PL takes the components and pre-assembles them into one package
Delivery – A just-in-time (JIT) delivery service sends the package for final assembly
Production – The package is sent to the production operation team who assemble the products together, creating the final product
Packaging – The final product is packaged
Distribution – The final product is shipped to the customer

Why Choose Us?

At JEM Marketing & Fulfilment Services Ltd., our fulfilment specialists are trained in fast and secure assembly and kitting. All of our kits are stored safely in our climate-controlled warehouses, ensuring your customers receive their products in an immaculate state.

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