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September 2022 - Fulfilment, JEM News

When considering selling alcohol online, many things need to be contemplated in regard to alcohol distribution laws. From the type of licensing required, to additional fees, the decision to do so is not as simple as you might think.

At JEM Marketing, we’re pleased to hold an alcohol distribution license, offering our eCommerce clients, hassle-free, reliable alcohol fulfilment services. From single bottles of Wine, Gin, Whiskey or Beer, to stunningly packaged gift sets, we can provide first-rate packing solutions. We can also offer our clients assembly services, including hampers for special occasions like Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.

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What Is an Alcohol Distribution License?

To sell and distribute alcohol to customers, your company will need a premises license. In addition, a member of your business will also require a personal alcohol license to operate on the premises. From start to finish, this can be an extremely costly and time-consuming procedure. With a 30-day objection period, and multiple stages of the application process, securing your alcohol license can be incredibly stressful.

Outsourcing your alcohol fulfilment to us means you won’t have to worry about obtaining distribution licenses, as we’ve done a portion of the hard work for you. Your business will, of course, still require the correct license to sell alcohol, but when it comes to the distribution of your products, you won’t have to lift a finger.

Our warehouses are fully licensed to store and distribute alcohol. So, no matter your distribution needs, you can rest assured that you’ll be fully covered, without the additional costs that come with acquiring your own license.

When Should I Consider Outsourcing Alcohol Fulfilment?

Has your drinks business recently moved online? Now could be the perfect time to start considering outsourcing your alcohol fulfilment.

At JEM Marketing, our dedicated team conduct specialist pick and pack services in each of our sizeable warehouses in Surrey. We also offer bespoke packing and gift wrapping, with a large selection of couriers and shipping options available.

If speed is important to you, we’ve got you covered. At JEM, we always aim to process orders as soon as they arrive. As soon as your customer’s orders reach us, they are processed, picked, packed and sent to your chosen courier as swiftly as possible.

We offer next-day delivery with Royal Mail Age Verification Tracked services, DPD and UPS. So, whatever your needs, we’ll do everything we can to tailor our alcohol fulfilment services to you.

Outsourcing your alcohol fulfilment enables you to focus solely on maximising your core business goals. As your company expands, we‘ll provide you with the flexible option to either increase or decrease the amount of storage you require as and when you need it.

At JEM, we’re committed to providing flexible, affordable solutions. We know how important it is that your customers receive their deliveries in an perfect condition, especially when those products are packaged in glass bottles. That’s why we enforce strict packing procedures in our warehouse to ensure your customer’s orders arrive in the same condition they left us.

If you would like to know more about our pick and pack services and how they could benefit your business, please do get in touch.

Outsourcing Your Alcohol Fulfilment

Outsourcing your fulfilment to a company with an alcohol distribution license will save you valuable time spent packing and shipping orders.

When it comes to distribution costs, there are so many factors businesses often fail to take into consideration. From warehouse space rental costs to packaging design and label printing, there is a multitude of operating costs to factor into your budget.

If achieving exceptional customer service is at the heart of all you do, outsourcing your alcohol fulfilment is a must. When you choose us, your customers can benefit from cheaper shipping and accurate delivery information, keeping them updated every step of the way. From placing an order to it arriving at their door, your customers will never be left in the dark.

Ordering expensive cases of alcohol for a special occasion online can seem like a risky decision – what if it doesn’t come in time? What if it arrives damaged? What if it’s not what I ordered? When you choose us as your alcohol fulfilment company, you can rest assured that we will take every precaution necessary to ensure that your customers are left satisfied with every purchase.

From reducing operating costs to extending your reach, there are so many reasons why outsourcing your alcohol fulfilment could prove to be the best decision you make this year. If you’d like to find out more about our alcohol distribution license, and how we can use it to benefit you, please do get in touch.

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