JEM Helping the Greyhound Trust at Crufts

April 2020 - Our Friends

Did you know that since being founded in 1975, the Greyhound Trust has found loving homes for over 85,000 retired greyhounds? Each year they estimate that with the assistance of their 50 branches of volunteers nationwide, they help around 4500 dogs. That’s an astonishing number of happy dogs! For many, many reasons like this, we are proud to support and be the fulfilment house for the Greyhound Trust. From household items such as aprons and mugs, to treats and comfortable beds for your dog, we pick and pack their whole range.

As part of our ongoing relationship with the Greyhound Trust, we help out as much as we can with their busy event calendar. The latest event that we are busy preparing for is helping with their stock for the dog show of the year, Crufts 2018. The Greyhound Trust’s Merchandising and Retail Coordinator, Rachel was kind to say a few words of our work in the lead up to the event:

The team at JEM are not in the dog house! In fact, they are busy collating stock on behalf of the Greyhound Trust for the annual Crufts event. Ash and Gemma at JEM are keeping me sane this week. I can’t thank them enough for their support!

We are thrilled to be helping the Greyhound Trust in the lead-up to Crufts. We cannot wait for this prestigious event to begin.