Minibar Products can focus on growth after choosing JEM Marketing and Fulfilment

“As a small business we found ourselves struggling to keep on top of the growing task of dispatching our orders. As a predominantly sales business, it became essential that we out-sourced our fulfilment… It was an easy decision to choose JEM to help us with our expansion.” Ruth Bonner, General Manager, Minibar Products

Minibar Products offers a unique collection of minibar kits, unrivalled in size and quality anywhere else in the world. From their most popular Mobile Collection, with plug adaptor and phone connector cable, to the Recovery Collection, with stress and hangover relieving products, Minibar have proved a popular choice with high end hotels. The kits cleverly follow the dimensions of soda cans, making them very easy to fit into the hotel room fridges and come with tamper proof seals.



There’s only one problem when your business becomes so popular – keeping up with demand without falling short on service. In a small company that can mean difficulties with staff being off due to holiday or sickness, or problems with accuracy. But even when a fast-growing company like Minibar has out grown in-house fulfilment, it’s not an easy decision to switch to a third-party order fulfilment house.

 ‘It is a big step to take as there is a huge amount of trust needed when you look to find a company to act on your behalf,’ says Ruth. ‘In our case we deliver to five-star hotels and they have very high service expectations. So, we were more than a little nervous about looking for a company to help, as our reputation would be riding on our decision. I heard about JEM Marketing from a respected source and learnt from them that as part of their search they had visited six fulfilment companies and JEM offered the stand out service, at the most competitive price. I felt we needed to look no further as I had the confidence to follow in their footsteps.’

JEM also understands how concerned new clients are about a smooth switchover. To ensure a seamless transition and accuracy in the long term too, JEM provides a dedicated Account Manager and dedicated warehouse staff.


We have a brilliant, efficient, dedicated Account Manager, which gives us the confidence that we have somebody who knows the needs of our business. Gemma observes the operation on our behalf and reports regularly, always anticipating any potential problems that we may have overlooked. She offers constructive solutions and suggestions that ultimately assist us in the day to day running of our business. Her diligence allows us to concentrate on what we do best, selling. Leaving JEM to do what they do best – fulfilment.'



For Minibar Products, JEM kits as well as packaging and sending. The individual items are collated into attractive gift bags before going into the Minibar cans, which are then labelled accordingly. This allows JEM to respond to mixed collection orders from hotels, meaning they get just what they need every time, and leaving Minibar Products to concentrate on selling and growth.

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