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April 2020 - Fulfilment

Online customer’s expectations are on the up and up. In many cases it’s no longer enough to acknowledge the despatch of an order; customers want to know exactly where it is at any given moment, and when they can expect to receive it.  A recent study by Forrester indicated that 78% of buyers rate the ability to track their order(s) as being very important to their overall satisfaction with their suppliers. This equates to sellers needing to continually improve – and innovate – their services.

Whether it’s for an order for a customer or a shipment going to a trade facility, our integrated systems will ensure you have the relevant tracking information to pass on to your clients. You can even choose to take yourself out of the equation and we can send the information to them on your behalf.

In this digital age we’re so used to being in the loop and up-to-date with every little thing, so simply confirming receipt of an order is no longer sufficient; the despatch process has to be monitored from start to finish. The chances are you’ll have been there before; waiting in for a delivery when you have no way of knowing how close the courier is, or if your order is even on its way.  Order tracking is a key component of the overall customer experience, which is particularly important when dealing with a new customer; it gives them peace of mind that their order is important and being taken care of, as well as giving credibility to your business and your products.

We have a variety of couriers available and they have many different ways of keeping customers in the loop; whether it’s a timed delivery slot, being able to see the number of deliveries before theirs, or even being able to see a little interactive map showing exactly where in the area they are.
No more need for this:

As well as keeping you customers happy, order tracking will benefit you as a seller. It reduces calls/emails from customers enquiring about the status of their order, which in turn takes the strain off your customer service team. Should a customer call, your team will be able to access up-to-the-minute information about the parcel, giving your customers confidence in your business. Tracking also means that on the very rare occasion a parcel goes astray we are able to investigate its possible whereabouts, as well as having concrete proof that it was despatched in the first place.

A tracked delivery services mean that the recipient feels in control, and the additional communication demonstrates that you value your customers beyond the point of purchase.  To learn more about the benefits of tracking, or for anything else, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!


17th August 2017 – Lucinda