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A trip down memory lane for some wonderful causes

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks at JEM Towers, sorting through hundreds of books that the founder of My School Bookclub, David Teale, kindly decided to donate to charity. We’ve packed and shipped anywhere from a box or two to an entire pallet. One charity that’s making use of this generous donation is […]

Our Friends - April 2020

Reality cheque

With more and more of us owning smartphones, sending payment for goods or services has never been easier; the money will make its way to the recipient within minutes and just a few ‘taps’. So is it really any wonder that cheque payments are on a downward spiral? Cheques cashed in the UK: 1990: 4 […]

Technology - April 2020

On the right track

Online customer’s expectations are on the up and up. In many cases it’s no longer enough to acknowledge the despatch of an order; customers want to know exactly where it is at any given moment, and when they can expect to receive it.  A recent study by Forrester indicated that 78% of buyers rate the […]

Fulfilment - April 2020

Are You Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Mania?

The biggest online shopping event of the year is almost upon us once again, and with high-street stores and websites providing deals at every angle you can possibly turn your head at, it is set to be yet another barn-storming event with record-breaking sales. Smashing Records – The Numbers Last year in Britain alone during […]

JEM News - April 2020

2017’s Most Wanted Christmas Toys

Long-gone are the days of flicking through the high-street catalogues and circling your wish list for Christmas, dog-earing pages for mental reminders and hints for presents. Although jotting a list of wants and demands down on paper and online wish lists are the way of the world these days, a lot of the brands and […]

Feature - April 2020

JEM Helping the Greyhound Trust at Crufts

Did you know that since being founded in 1975, the Greyhound Trust has found loving homes for over 85,000 retired greyhounds? Each year they estimate that with the assistance of their 50 branches of volunteers nationwide, they help around 4500 dogs. That’s an astonishing number of happy dogs! For many, many reasons like this, we are proud […]

Our Friends - April 2020

The Countdown to GDPR

With just days left until the impending date of May 25th when GDPR officially launches, just how prepared is your business? Without a real helpful official guideline document or checklist to work through and tailor, it has been a dark and blind alley process for a lot of smaller companies wondering where to start with this […]

JEM News - April 2020

Thinking of Going Green and Eco-Friendly?

In 2017 we saw a seismic shift towards a more eco-conscious planet against the likes of plastic and non-bio-degradable product packaging. A big part of this was down to Blue Planet 2, the popular BBC show hosted by David Attenborough which drew in approximately 14 million people for the series opener. At the tail-end of […]

Feature - April 2020

The Evolution of Charities

  There are currently 185,000 registered charities in the UK, with 5000 being newly founded each year. Charities are a great way of people helping the causes that are the closest to their hearts the most, and with the growing number of foundations that people are creating, each avenue of charity has plenty of backers […]

Feature - April 2020

Christmas Charity Shoe Box Drive

This Christmas, JEM Marketing have been helping a great cause in the community by donating shoe boxes full of toys, toiletries and winter clothes to deprived and under privileged children in Romania for the holiday. We were delighted to help the Cranleigh Rotary Club with this, who, yearly, collect as many boxes as they can from local schools […]

JEM News, Our Friends - April 2020