SK Chase Case Study

SK Chase save time and focus on growth by entrusting their fulfilment to JEM

'We are so happy with the service we receive from the SK Chase team at JEM. It's easy to forget when you become 'used' to something being so consistently good to acknowledge the excellent work and efficiency of the team.’

Kaye Taylor, Co-founder and Chair


SK Chase helps luxury hotels worldwide develop their gift voucher sales through the use of their software and services. Since pioneering digital voucher technology over 16 years ago, they have developed and grown over the years to provide a digital voucher solution to over 300 of the most luxurious hotels and resorts throughout the UK and further afield.  Providing personalised vouchers, which are printed and despatched on the day of purchase, takes an efficient fulfilment team.  SK Chase came to JEM in 2009 with their detailed fulfilment requirements for despatching thousands of vouchers every year.

Here at JEM, we know how much of an important factor fulfilment is to customer satisfaction and business success. Building a relationship of trust is key. First, we visited SK Chase at their headquarters in Edinburgh so we could see first-hand how the operation worked. This allowed us to create a system and services to incorporate everything they needed and streamline the fulfilment process.

At JEM, we designed and provided a system program that allowed us to link in with SK Chase custom-built software. We then provided SK Chase with a warehouse, which is fully racked, and temperature controlled, to ensure that client stocks are managed correctly.  In addition, SK Chase built a strong relationship with their dedicated Account Manager and warehouse staff.  Having such a devoted set-up process and staff allowed SK Chase to put their trust in us.

‘It's always a relief to know that our fulfilment is being taken such good care of - by people who genuinely care,’ says Kaye. ‘I, and the whole team at SK Chase, are very grateful.’

The key to success in this relationship is communication. From the very start, JEM have been involved with the growth plans of SK Chase. It quickly became a partnership as they have allowed us to offer our expert advice along the way.  Many years on from our visit to bonnie Edinburgh, our relationship is stronger than ever.

'It's been another great year and we're massively indebted to you for the fantastic work of your team. We're expecting a big week next week and we know the team at JEM will be ready to deal with whatever it throws at them.  Thank you once again and looking forward to an even bigger year next year.'

What can JEM do for your business?

With JEM, you get all the benefits of our expertise and over 30 years of experience.  We are set up to label, kit and package on demand. Your products will have dedicated order staging areas for product assembly and kitting so you can have the products sent out shelf ready, retail display ready or straight to the customer, in whatever combination you need.

If you need a UK fulfilment house and want to know how we can benefit you, please talk to us about your needs. You can call us on 01483 204444, email us at or fill out our simple form on our contact us page.