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SKU, SKU, Barney McGrew

SKU (pronounced skew), or Stock Keeping Unit, is a term that is used when talking about inventory management. SKUs are a unique series of characters that relate to an individual item or product. Universal Product Codes (UPCs, or barcodes) are exactly that – universal. A UPC is unique to the product, whereas an SKU is […]

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The Importance of the Telephone for Business

1) In most cases, people who seek out a phone number are doing so because they have an urgent problem or enquiry. Being on the other end of the phone means they are dealt with immediately, rather than going to the bottom the pile. This is especially important when dealing with a potential new customer; […]

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Reality cheque

With more and more of us owning smartphones, sending payment for goods or services has never been easier; the money will make its way to the recipient within minutes and just a few ‘taps’. So is it really any wonder that cheque payments are on a downward spiral? Cheques cashed in the UK: 1990: 4 […]

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Online Store Policies

How to Establish Policy Control and What You Should Include   Whatever the size of your online store, if you’re selling to customers you need policy statements. Policies are a set of rules, or commitments, that keep your business transactions consistent, secure and correct. They enhance customer service by boosting customer confidence and provide reassurance […]

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