UK Fulfilment Services

Our Fulfilment Services put you in control. We provide eCommerce shop solutions, storage & warehousing, Order Payment Processing, API driven integration with eCommerce platforms, Kitting/Assembly Services and Pick and Pack.' We're highly flexible in building the perfect package around your needs. Free your business up to do what it does best, and let JEM take care of the logistics.

We offer the following fulfilment services:

Pick and Pack

Naturally we offer an efficient and diligent pick and pack service that ensures your products arrive with customers exactly as you envisioned. Our streamlined method of storage also allow us to rapidly pick and pack orders per specifications for quick despatch. Outsourcing pick and pack operations to JEM means no more worrying about storage, despatch logistics, manual labour and any other related overheads!

Storage and Fulfilment

Our Fulfilment Centre in Surrey has multiple high capacity storage warehouses. We employ robust security systems to safeguard your products prior to despatch. Our team of warehouse experts diligently store your goods ready for fast despatch, the moment the customer orders online. Our storage process means we can efficiently pick and pack, Assemble or simply despatch your goods to their final destination.

Kitting and Assembly

Ideal for businesses selling customisable products, in which the end product is not known until the customer selects their ‘configuration’ of your goods prior to finishing the order process. We’ll carefully assemble your products per the configuration requirements! Our team of warehouse experts are well drilled in bringing together multiple order components into one, ready-to-despatch, product.

How we do it!

We've refined and fined-tuned our processes over 35 years. Leveraging technical and logistical team members to strip out inefficiencies and enable a genuinely seamless experience for clients and end customers alike. Here's how we do it!

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