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If you want to minimise unnecessary costs and improve the efficiency of your order fulfilment, inventory planning is a must. At JEM Marketing & Fulfilment Services Ltd., we’re pleased to provide cost-effective, straightforward inventory planning services

Good inventory management requires the right balance of expert technology and efficient service. To find out more about our superior inventory planning services, please get in touch. Call us on 01483 204479 and speak to one of our knowledgeable team members today. 

What is Inventory Planning & Management?

Inventory planning involves forecasting and estimating how much of a product a business should order to match future sales. The process is essential to avoid potential merchandising issues, whether that’s over or under-stocking. 

In order to execute effective inventory planning, businesses require an understanding of what products to purchase at any given time and in what quantities. These figures are determined through an analysis of historical trends, time of year, industry trends and more. 

Employing the help of an inventory planning service provider can enable businesses to utilise the latest inventory automation technology, increasing accuracy and freeing up time for entrepreneurs to focus on other aspects of the business. 

What Are the Benefits of Inventory Planning

  • Improved Inventory Management 

By utilising efficient inventory planning, you’ll be able to manage your inventory levels efficiently. 

This results in lower unnecessary costs and increased turnover. 

  • Improved Decision Making 

Effective inventory planning provides businesses with the data they need to make informed decisions regarding their inventory management. 

From having a clear understanding of trends and lead times to a better grasp of current inventory levels, inventory planning can help your business make strategic decisions that can assist in implementing long-term growth. 

  • Better Customer Service

Ensuring the right amount of products are available at the right time can help not only increase customer satisfaction, but also reduce back orders and improve the overall fulfilment process. 

  • Improved Cash Flow Management 

Inventory planning can also help a business reduce its excess inventory, freeing up warehouse space and increasing funds that can be injected into other aspects of the business. 

Why Choose JEM Marketing & Fulfilment Services Ltd. For Inventory Planning

Staying on top of inventory planning is one of the most important things you can do when managing an eCommerce shop. Whether you’re a growing business or an established store, we can provide efficient, reliable inventory planning services, guaranteed to save you valuable time and money.

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