Kitting and Assembly

Kitting and Assembly illustration.

What are Kitting and Assembly Services?

Kitting or Assembly services describe a process in which a fulfilment company  takes delivery of  ‘component parts’ of a full product and creates a ‘kit’. This can then be assembled and despatched to the customer. Outsourcing this process to a a fulfilment house like JEM means you needn’t worry about the associated storage/warehousing overheads.

Kitting and Assembly Services built around your needs

JEM is committed to providing flexible, cost-effective and reliable kitting & assembly services. Whether you’re an established brand, startup company or booming eCommerce business, we can provide a bespoke package for your exact needs. We know how important it is for customers to receive their products in an immaculate state, and enforce strong procedures with a meticulous and highly skilled team to ensure orders arrive exactly as envisioned by you and your customers.


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