Technology and Security

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JEMs’ Technology and Security Systems

Powered By Microsoft .NET

Cutting edge technology and eCommerce security systems are at the foundation of all JEMs operations. Our team diligently secures all aspects of the fulfilment journey end to end. From securing customer data to storage and fulfilment and real-time package tracking, we deploy in-house developed JEM systems. On top of this, we provide fully custom solutions to suit any and all business needs. Powered by the latest Microsoft .NET framework, we implement the best encryption solutions ensuring data remains 100% safe and secure. All order data is brought into the JEM system so that it can be processed in a fast, efficient and cohesive manner.

Our system is designed to provide secure and reliable real-time data. This data is also available to you from anywhere at any time by logging into our online client portal. The online client portal can also be customised to suit your business needs.

Our fulfilment software gives you;

  • Seamless integration with the best online sales channels
  • Bespoke system using the latest Microsoft.NET technologies
  • Secure and reliable real-time data of fulfilment orders
  • Daily, weekly and monthly stock & sales reports
  • Data processing
  • 24/7 Access to data via Client Portal
  • Customised solutions for any business need

How our system works

Our system is modular, meaning each sales channel integrated by way of a plug-in. We’ve also got plug-ins for all popular eCommerce platforms, allowing us to easily integrate with your existing website.

On the odd occasion there is no API available for us to connect to, we’ll build the plug-in ourselves – allowing the same level of integration. The process is usually as simple as being provided with a login for your site and/or API. Then we’ll set-up your products in our system and start to process your orders within minutes.

GDPR and Data Protection

Data Protection, security and GDPR compliance is fundamental to the services we provide. Our IT infrastructure uses enterprise level servers, firewall, anti-virus and backups ensuring your data remains safe. Additionally, we’re tightly integrated with carrier services, so orders are booked into carrier services automatically, ensuring data integrity and security. Also, most eCommerce platforms allow granular security levels, so we only have access to the data that we need and nothing more.

Warehouse Technology

Our warehouse systems are designed to utilise product barcodes, and this allows us to ensure accuracy of stock and order fulfilment data. However, our system’s flexibility means that this is not essential – if product barcodes are not an option for you, we’ll still fulfil orders with the same level of service and data availability.

Our modular approach means we can easily add levels of customisation to the fulfilment processes. So should you have a need for added flexibility, we can provide!

Covid-19 Secure

Furthermore, JEM fully understands the impact Coronavirus (Covid-19) is having on the ecommerce and fulfilment sector. So we’ve modified our processes to ensure orders are despatched safely; in addition to our regular health and safety policies, we’ve implemented the following procedures:

  • Social distancing rules
  • Added floor markings to the packing areas to aid social distance compliance
  • No-contact deliveries in and out
  • Hand Sanitiser available for all employees
  • Daily sanitisation of surfaces and equipment
  • Clear guidelines to staff regarding self-isolating if they have any symptoms

If you would like to know more about the technology that powers JEM and how it’s used to secure your orders and data, simply fill out the form below.

    Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01483 204444.