Cost Effective Order Fulfilment

JEM Marketing has over 35 years’ experience in the marketing and order handling industry supplying a wide range of products to both large and small companies, organisations and charities. Our work spans across many sectors demonstrating our vast expertise. We understand the importance of a quick turnaround and a professional efficient service.

Simplifying Fulfilment Needs to Benefit your Business

Your reputation matters to us. We want you to feel we are the invisible link between your business and customers, it is important that the orders they receive are always accurate and arrive safely. The choice to invest in an external fulfilment house shouldn’t be a long-winded decision. This is why we are here to help make that transition that much easier, stress-free and easy to handle.


Why should you outsource your fulfilment with JEM Marketing?

Increase effectiveness

Outsourcing your product handling enables you to focus on your core business, using your skills and vision to develop your company. Effective time management is vital to success, therefore, enabling an experienced external fulfilment company to handle your pick & pack and order processing allows you to focus on your company and core brand values; giving you the opportunity to grow your business in more ways than one.

Reduce staff costs

The management of your own product handling process can be time consuming and costly. This is due to the constant need for monitoring and mentoring warehouse workers, customer relations, IT stock control systems and ecommerce systems . By outsourcing your product management, you hand this responsibility over to us, benefiting from our expertise.

Tailored warehouse facilities

Handling your own warehouse facilities and self- fulfilment can be a burden for any growing business. As your business needs will often change, finding the right warehousing and storage facility at the right price, while not committing to lengthy leases, can be extremely difficult. By using JEM as your fulfilment company, we give you the flexibility of increasing or decreasing your storage requirements as and when you need to.

Lower overall costs

Outsourcing your fulfilment to us has many cost saving benefits: reduced employee costs, lower warehousing costs, savings on packaging costs though volume purchasing, and lower shipping costs, as we can negotiate better rates from couriers due to volume. These savings can have a dramatic impact in improving cash flow for your business. The savings made by acquiring a fulfilment house can allow you to invest in your business growth and help drive your success.

Our Process

Our team receive your products and will then confirm the box quantities received. We also offer full product checks; performing a thorough quality inspection before counting individual items for our bespoke inventory system.

We then store these items in one of our safe and secure warehouses, offering pallet, racking and hanging space. We choose the most accessible spot for your stock, so our pick and pack time is as prompt as possible, costing you less.

Warehouse Storage Icon

Customer orders are processed using our smart bespoke system, whether this comes to us by post, phone or through an integrated ecommerce platform. With our own internal IT support, we can offer you ecommerce integration, or a solution that connects with most platforms. You can also check the progress of an order at any time through our client portal.

Our specialist warehouse team will pick and pack your orders promptly, then despatch them through one of the various postal services we offer. Stock levels then fluctuate automatically in our system, providing live and up-to-date reporting.

If applicable, a despatch date and tracking information is also updated on any CRM linked to the order. Your products arrive at their destination on-time through the many postal services and delivery options that we offer, resulting in happy customers due to our fast, accurate and thorough service.


With years of experience in order fulfilment, contact us to discuss how we can help your business by calling 01483 204444, filling in our online contact form, or by using our live chat feature on the bottom-right of the screen.