Order Processing & Payment Management

Phone Order Processing

Our fully trained customer care team are available during office hours, ready to take your customer orders and phone calls. A unique number can be provided which can be answered in a bespoke manner for your business.

Postal Order Processing

We offer the service of:

• Transcribing orders from postal forms

• Processing payments

Storing and shipping products

Detailed reports on orders can be provided as required. If you run a publication and are looking for product offers, please see our reader offer products page.

Payment Management

To simplify Payment Management we offer the facility to take payments through our merchant account. This allows clients without merchant facilities to handle transactions quickly and safely through our service.

Our services are channeled through the SagePay Payment Gateway, which incorporates extensive fraud protection and secure payment processing.

We can provide a full reconciliation of payments taken against costs incurred and automatically transfer balances into your account on a regular basis.

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To find out more about how we can help your business with order processing, or if you have any questions on payment management, get in touch today by calling 01483 204444, fill in our contact form or send us a chat message.