Technology is the core of JEM. We utilise the latest frameworks and APIs to provide you with seamless and hassle-free integration with all your sales channels. We support the latest and greatest ecommerce platforms and online market places including, but not limited to, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, WooCommerce, Shopify, nopCommerce and Magento.

All order data is brought into the JEM system so that it can be processed in a fast, efficient and consistent way.

The JEM system is bespoke to JEM, written and maintained in-house, therefore we are able to provide totally custom solutions to suit any need of your business. It is written using the latest Microsoft .NET framework and implements the best encryption solutions to ensure that your data remains safe and secure.

Accuracy of data is crucial to effective order fulfilment so our system is designed to provide secure and reliable real-time data. This data is also available to you from anywhere at any time by logging into our online client portal. The online client portal can also be customized to suit your business needs.

  • Seamless integration with the best online sales channels
  • Bespoke system using the latest Microsoft.NET technologies
  • Secure and Reliable Real-Time Data
  • 24/7 Access to data via Client Portal
  • Customized solutions for any business need