Our Space

Handling your own warehouse facilities and self- fulfilment can be a burden for any growing business. As your business needs will often change, finding the right warehousing and storage facility at the right price, while not committing to lengthy leases, can be extremely difficult. By using JEM as your fulfilment company, we give you the flexibility of increasing or decreasing your storage requirements as and when you need to.

Located in a quiet and peaceful area of Surrey, our warehouses are modern, clean, safe and secure. We look after your products as if they were our own. Our storage facilities are fitted with 24/7 CCTV so our clients can rest assured that their products will be well looked after. State-of-the-art racking means that we can offer bulk, palletised and racked storage, along with smaller consignments such as box deliveries. We also have the facilities to accommodate individual items using pigeonholes, shelves and hanging racks.

Our warehouse layouts are designed to maximise your storage needs while always staying flexible to the amount of goods you need us to store. We are ready for any spikes in sales, like extra orders at Christmas time or during promotional campaigns.


Items stored in our many warehouses are not (generally) insured as we may not have title to your goods, they would not form part of our insurance policy.  A company offering to insure your goods as part of their own policy is potentially giving you false information. In the event of a claim it is unlikely that an insurance company would pay out on items not owned by the claimant.

Delivering your Products to us

Most of the time, our clients notify us that a delivery will be arriving at JEM, as this allows us to plan the most favourable storage space available. The more information provided, the more productive and time efficient our picking and packing process will be; resulting in lower fees to you. We appreciate that not all deliveries can be booked in advance, however, so rest assured any incoming stock will be accommodated.

Storage Solutions

As your business grows, our warehouse space can also match the amount of customer orders you are receiving and the amount of stock you need us to hold. If you need us to have less stock at certain times, we can consolidate the pallet spaces that we have allocated to make it cheaper for you. We are as flexible as possible with your stock.

Stock Control System

The items that we pick are based on a first-in first-out basis, which is perfect if your products are lot-based and have expiration dates, as these will be despatched first, unless instructed otherwise.

Our bespoke online inventory system gives you access to your orders and your stock levels at any time throughout the day or night – whenever you need them. As orders are processed, your stock levels automatically adjust in our system, giving up-to-date accurate counts. This way, you can see the real-time amounts of each item.


Contact us to discuss how we can store, process and ship your customer orders. Call 01483 204444, fill in our online contact form, or simply use our live chat feature on the bottom-right of the screen.