Aris Bertsouklis

IT Support Technician

Newest member of the JEM family in 2021.

Before working for JEM, Aris worked in logistics and aviation industry for 6 years, where he acquired managerial, customer service and IT skills, working in tight deadlines in a high paced environment. “I worked at Heathrow airport with many different airlines coordinating the full aircraft turnaround, including weight and balance, loading of cargo/baggage and boarding passengers. I enjoyed working and meeting people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds”.

After being made redundant due to the pandemic, he took the decision to follow his passion for technology, started studying and quickly became Microsoft and CompTIA certified in networking.

Aris joined the JEM team to help with today’s high demand of digital services, networking, and cyber security.

“I am so happy to have started my 1st job in IT in such a competitive and expanding company and I am hoping to polish my newly acquired skills and help JEM in the digital world”.

When he is not working, he likes to play videogames and enjoy good cinematography.