Gemma Copas

Operations Manager

Since joining JEM in August 2004, Gemma has progressed to become Operations Manager. Gemma loves “being part of such a great team”.

Before working at JEM, Gemma worked in both the hotel and retail industry in customer facing roles. This experience helped her to get the job at JEM where she has built up over 15 years’ experience in fulfilment and mail order.

Gemma started her JEM journey as a Customer Services Agent. “I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to develop my skills and take on roles in other departments working in reader offers and then fulfilment as the Senior Account Manager.”

A common theme at JEM, is that the work is varied, and the team are like one big family. Gemma feels that way too. “The best thing about working at JEM is that no two days are the same. Our client base varies considerably as does their requirements and this is what keeps this job so interesting. I love being part of such a great team where everyone’s input and opinions are valued. We’re more like a large family.”

On a typical day Gemma can be found busily responding to emails, liaising with clients, catching up with the team and managing the general day to day requirements of the client accounts JEM handle.
Gemma has a sweet tooth. “I can’t go a single day without eating chocolate!”