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Professional and Efficient combined with the personal touch.

Our first few months of working with JEM have been an absolute pleasure. As an established e-commerce brand, we’ve tried other fulfilment houses. The first was too big and impersonal; the second was too small and inexperienced. JEM’s operation is highly professional and extremely efficient, and is combined with the personal touch, resulting in an excellent level of service that cannot be faulted. As Goldilocks would have said, this one is just right!

Sally Taylor

Storror Limited

Their knowledge and passion is second to none

In 2019 Science Museum started the procurement tender for the fulfilment of our ecommerce business, during this process we identified many fulfilment providers with one of them being JEM. From the first contact with the team we found them very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their business. During the long tender process with many questions from us to JEM they answered them very quickly and professionally. During a site visit to JEM, during the tender process, we found the whole operation fantastic and professional, done with the whole team so polite and welcoming. They pulled out all the stops to impress us!

In May 2019 we had no hesitation to appoint JEM as our new fulfilment provider for Science Museum Ecommerce business, JEM have always been willing and looking at ways to support and grow our business, helping it go from strength to strength. Due to delays in the launch of our Ecommerce platform we weren’t able to launch the full online fulfilment service with JEM, but the team at JEM worked very closely with our ICT & Ecommerce teams to integrate all our processes starting right from customer order to fulfilment and stock updates.

We have also sent all our bulk storage for our onsite Retail stock at the Science Museum, all done with efficiency from the JEM team on site.

I would have no hesitation recommending JEM to anyone looking for new fulfilment providers or bulk storage, their knowledge and passion is second to none. I look forward to many positive years of business with JEM.

Science Museum

Speed and efficiency

As our business expanded in 2006 we decided that the processing of orders in house was proving very time consuming and we began our search for a Fulfilment House. JEM Fulfilment Services were chosen and we have remained with them ever since. JEM provide the e-commerce back end to our main trading site so the order integration with their systems was seamless. This also enables us to promote last minute special offers and vary selling prices as we choose without the need to have a programmer make expensive changes. We have a permanent fixed area of warehousing and, by appointment, we are free to come and go as we please to sort our stock.

We usually deal with Bryony Pritchard, JEM Marketing’s Senior Account Manager for day to day management and any queries we have are dealt with speed and efficiency. As we expand our range we look forward to working with JEM Marketing into the future

Lin and Leo

Excellent service at all levels

“We needed to find a reliable fulfilment house that was happy to deal with small volumes without imposing huge management fees. We sell a micro current device to aid suffers from back pain and other pain related injuries and wanting to give our customers a reliable daily service.

We found that the JEM Fulfilment House was perfectly placed to achieve this at a reasonable cost. JEM handle all aspects of fulfilment for us from order processing be it on the phone, post or Internet and their reporting and payments are totally reliable and accurate. The fact that I have remained with them since 2002 is testament to their proven track record of excellent service at all levels. I would recommend their services to anyone requiring a professional Fulfilment House”.

Brian Cox


Able to handle any scenario

“In direct conjunction with the Daily Express Group, we embarked on a massive promotional campaign for our unique slip on shoes for ladies called Butterfly Twists.

Our initial idea was simply to advertise the shoes as single pairs that totalled no more than 21 variables, three sizes, seven colours. We were put in touch with JEM Fulfilment House by the Daily Express as their chosen fulfilment centre and JEM suggested that more revenue would be earned if Butterfly Twists were also offered in pairs at a discount as well as singles at standard price.

To date far more orders have been purchased in pairs and clearly this was a good move. Our overall volumes are well up on what would have been sold had we just offered single units. We did have concerns about the literally hundreds perhaps thousands of variables that would now be required but the JEM computer systems can handle this with ease and all we need to do is send them the stock based on the initial 21 variables.

The JEM warehouse packers at JEM sort it out the delivery upon arrival. In addition, and as this is a joint promotion with the Express, JEM also manage the total finance of the venture and make payments to us and the Express retaining their fulfilment charges thereby saving our management and accounting time. We look forward to moving onto the next project with JEM and have no hesitation in recommending services and systems that seem to be able to handle any scenario, no matter how complex”.

Emmanuel Eribo

Butterfly Twists

Professional and utterly reliable

“JEM Marketing & Fulfilment Services Ltd have been handling the competition fulfilment side of our magazine publishing business for several years. Professional and utterly reliable, they ensure that we receive the information we need on time and in a user friendly format, whilst being flexible and thoughtful in their responses, reacting to individual circumstances when required and always with a friendly ‘can do’ manner.”

Emily Bell

Marketing Manager

Redan Publishing Ltd.

Thank both you and your team for the great work

I thought I would write to you to thank both you and your team for the great work you have done in taking on our web customer services.

The timeline was very tight with May 1st being a real push to get our IT sorted and files moving as they should.

It was quite a leap of faith for us to hand our reputation over to a third party and I could not be happier with the way it has all been handled. Positive Feedback from consumers is often hard to find, we all hear about the things we do wrong but very little when it goes as planned, however our Facebook account does show the move to be a positive one.

I would like you to convey to your team my thanks for all their hard work and look forward to hearing more positive news on the quality of service JEM offer our consumers.

Operations Director

Oneida International Ltd

Stephen Spetch

Really easy to work with

JEM have a great understanding of our audience and are constantly bringing on great new products. They have no trouble accommodating any changes in a speedy manner and understand the ever changing nature of the paper, making them really easy to work with.

Katherine Degara

 Enterprise Executive

Northern & Shell.

They are like family

“Setting up a business in the UK, while living in Australia has many challenges. One was finding the right fulfilment house to distribute and manage our goods. JEM has never let me down. They have the ability to handle all our company needs, including customer service, packaging and distribution, while still maintaining a personal feel. I have been with them for nearly 5 years and would never look elsewhere. They are like family.”

Anna Sharp


Bergamet UK

Excellent customer services

“We’re just coming up to our second anniversary since we let go of our ‘baby’ to an outside fulfilment house, namely JEM. Excellent customer services are paramount for us and we realised that if it were possible to find a partner to handle the pick and pack operation we could focus on customer service and business growth. After a careful process of selection JEM won the contract for our public and trade customers. JEM decided it was best to replicate the exact methods and services we currently utilised in order to maintain the levels of service our customers had enjoyed to date. Whilst JEM recommended a few initial improvements that we later implemented, it was a comfort for us to see a virtual mirror of our packing area established in JEM’s premises, in fact it felt like a home from home.

JEM have consistently demonstrated advantages from item packaging to very sophisticated IT systems that have continued to maintain and improve the level of customer service response we like to offer. We were also very impressed with the sales order processing manual they have developed for our operations within JEM. This enables any member of staff to gain an immediate grasp of every aspect of the day to day running of the pick and pack process and more! Now, nearly two years down the line since we ‘let go’, we are delighted with the operation and all the staff we have come to know. Their ability to meet the demands of the very busy times, after a large promotional campaign, with the same energy and enthusiasm shown from the outset is a credit to them indeed”.

The Yes Yes Company Ltd