Able to handle any scenario

April 2020 -

“In direct conjunction with the Daily Express Group, we embarked on a massive promotional campaign for our unique slip on shoes for ladies called Butterfly Twists.

Our initial idea was simply to advertise the shoes as single pairs that totalled no more than 21 variables, three sizes, seven colours. We were put in touch with JEM Fulfilment House by the Daily Express as their chosen fulfilment centre and JEM suggested that more revenue would be earned if Butterfly Twists were also offered in pairs at a discount as well as singles at standard price.

To date far more orders have been purchased in pairs and clearly this was a good move. Our overall volumes are well up on what would have been sold had we just offered single units. We did have concerns about the literally hundreds perhaps thousands of variables that would now be required but the JEM computer systems can handle this with ease and all we need to do is send them the stock based on the initial 21 variables.

The JEM warehouse packers at JEM sort it out the delivery upon arrival. In addition, and as this is a joint promotion with the Express, JEM also manage the total finance of the venture and make payments to us and the Express retaining their fulfilment charges thereby saving our management and accounting time. We look forward to moving onto the next project with JEM and have no hesitation in recommending services and systems that seem to be able to handle any scenario, no matter how complex”.

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