Excellent customer services

April 2020 -

“We’re just coming up to our second anniversary since we let go of our ‘baby’ to an outside fulfilment house, namely JEM. Excellent customer services are paramount for us and we realised that if it were possible to find a partner to handle the pick and pack operation we could focus on customer service and business growth. After a careful process of selection JEM won the contract for our public and trade customers. JEM decided it was best to replicate the exact methods and services we currently utilised in order to maintain the levels of service our customers had enjoyed to date. Whilst JEM recommended a few initial improvements that we later implemented, it was a comfort for us to see a virtual mirror of our packing area established in JEM’s premises, in fact it felt like a home from home.

JEM have consistently demonstrated advantages from item packaging to very sophisticated IT systems that have continued to maintain and improve the level of customer service response we like to offer. We were also very impressed with the sales order processing manual they have developed for our operations within JEM. This enables any member of staff to gain an immediate grasp of every aspect of the day to day running of the pick and pack process and more! Now, nearly two years down the line since we ‘let go’, we are delighted with the operation and all the staff we have come to know. Their ability to meet the demands of the very busy times, after a large promotional campaign, with the same energy and enthusiasm shown from the outset is a credit to them indeed”.

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