Speed and efficiency

April 2020 -

As our business expanded in 2006 we decided that the processing of orders in house was proving very time consuming and we began our search for a Fulfilment House. JEM Fulfilment Services were chosen and we have remained with them ever since. JEM provide the e-commerce back end to our main trading site so the order integration with their systems was seamless. This also enables us to promote last minute special offers and vary selling prices as we choose without the need to have a programmer make expensive changes. We have a permanent fixed area of warehousing and, by appointment, we are free to come and go as we please to sort our stock.

We usually deal with Bryony Pritchard, JEM Marketing’s Senior Account Manager for day to day management and any queries we have are dealt with speed and efficiency. As we expand our range we look forward to working with JEM Marketing into the future

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