A trip down memory lane

April 2020 - Our Friends

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks at JEM Towers, sorting through hundreds of books that the founder of My School Bookclub, David Teale, kindly decided to donate to charity. We’ve packed and shipped anywhere from a box or two to an entire pallet.

One charity that’s making use of this generous donation is Springboard For Children, a wonderful charity that provides specialised one-to-one tuition to improve all aspects of a child’s literacy learning. Their Trusts and Foundations Fundraiser, Tom Hill, took the time to write a few words of thanks to both David and our Managing Director here at JEM, Bryony.

“Hi David and Bryony

The books arrived today and they are fantastic. Thank you very much. There were a few more than I had imagined but we have sorted through them now and I know the children we support will get lots of enjoyment from them.

Thank you so much David for giving us the books and Bryony for packing them and arranging for them to be sent to us. It’s very kind of you both and hugely appreciated.”


All of the staff have pitched in to get the books out the door, it’s been a real team effort. We’re all feeling very warm and fuzzy, as well as a little nostalgic when coming across copies of books that we all remember loving as children. Speaking of which, it might just be time for a re-read of the adventures of this very wise old Bear…

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