Christmas Charity Shoe Box Drive

April 2020 - JEM News, Our Friends

This Christmas, JEM Marketing have been helping a great cause in the community by donating shoe boxes full of toys, toiletries and winter clothes to deprived and under privileged children in Romania for the holiday. We were delighted to help the Cranleigh Rotary Club with this, who, yearly, collect as many boxes as they can from local schools and businesses and ship them across the ocean to their destination. We have supplied boxes for shipping, and our own Christmas shoe boxes to add to the excellent numbers they have again collected.

Christmas Charity

When we received an email to get involved, we were delighted to help. It is eye-opening how items that we don’t even realise are essential for health and warmth come so cheap to us, but, to some families in impoverished situations, it makes a world of difference. So many families in Romania do not have the money to afford things like toothpaste, hats and scarves, hair brushes – things that so many of us have sitting around that stay unused. So in compiling these shoe boxes, we are sending a child or teenager a Christmas box full of toiletries, clothes and toys – which may be the only present they receive this holiday. This also saves the family having to think about spending money they possibly don’t have, so they can purchase other necessities.

This year, the Cranleigh Rotary Club have already collected close to 1000 boxes, and are putting in an incredible amount of time and effort once again to ensure that families in need are given assistance this Christmas. In the past 13 years, close to 10,000 boxes have been collected and sent abroad – a truly magnificent effort.

To get involved, search for your local shoe box drive and you too can also make a huge difference during the winter months. To see the wonderful work that the Cranleigh Rotary Club do for the community, visit for more information.

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