Kirsty Finch

General Manager

Kirsty started on a temporary basis in 2021 as an Assembly Packer during a busy summer period. During her time at JEM, Kirsty has shown a strong skill set which resulted in a permanent position as a Client Account Executive. Having recently been promoted to Senior Account Manager, there is no stopping her! Kristy has her sights set on becoming our General Manager and the team fully support this opportunity.

Before JEM Kirsty was a teacher, she was Head of Physical Education at a Prep school in Guildford teaching both PE and Maths to children aged 4-18.

“Since joining JEM I have found it to be a very supportive company, the staff are all very friendly and willing to go the extra mile for the clients and I have very much enjoyed becoming a member of the team.”

In her spare time Kirsty enjoys walking and going to the theatre.