JEM Fulfilment Client Steps Up Sustainability

February 2022 - JEM News, Our Friends

JEM Fulfilment Client Redan Publishing Steps Up Sustainability.

It’s no secret that we love any innovations in sustainability at JEM Marketing and Fulfilment Services Ltd, especially when it’s one of our lovely clients making strides for a greener future.  Brilliant news from Redan Publishing who have stepped up sustainability measures with their first paper-based covermount gift on Fun To Learn Favourites magazine.

Redan Publishing Plastic Free Covermount

Redan Publishing Plastic Free Covermount

Renowned for innovation in the market, Redan has listened to consumers and their growing concern around the environment and is trying a number of paper-based, toy covermounts across its portfolio in 2022.

Risky Change

In the knowledge that plastic toy covermounts are a key driver of sales, and therefore a risky change to make, Redan tasked its creative team with designing products that are just as appealing and recognisable as the plastic ones and which give children instant play gratification.

Redan is proud to offer Fun To Learn Favourites issue #414 as its first entirely plastic-free issue. This really demonstrates a huge step forward and truly marks a major milestone for the publisher.

Redan Publishing Plastic Free Covermount

Redan Publishing Plastic Free Covermount


Moving forward, Redan has committed to introduce at least 10 paper-based gifts across their magazine portfolio throughout 2022.  We’re thrilled about this news!  Find out more here

Let’s get greener, together

Here at JEM we want to be part of your sustainability goals. In fact, we have our own. We strive to reduce our impact on the environment – from using biodegradable packing peanuts to reusing packaging wherever possible – and we always use the most appropriate sized mailing packages (no tiny product in a huge mailing box from us!). As part of our end-to-end fulfillment service we can also help you source environmentally friendly product packaging and recyclable materials if required.  Contact us to discuss your requirements today!


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