How Do You Retain Customers In ECommerce

March 2024 - Ecommerce

Our Guide To Winning The Hearts Of Your Target Audience

When it comes to growing your eCommerce business, there are two main components to consider: customer acquisition and customer retention. As economic uncertainties continue to sway consumer choices, mastering these elements has become increasingly challenging yet crucial for sustained growth.

In this blog, we share our guide to winning the hearts of your target market, from providing a personalised experience to optimising the post-purchase journey.

Retain Customers in eCommerce

Types Of ECommerce Customers

Comprehending the diverse array of eCommerce customer types is essential for businesses seeking to convert them successfully. Overlooking their desires and preferences can lead to substantial losses in time, money and effort. Before delving into customer retention strategies, it’s important to thoroughly explore the distinct personas they may embody.

Some of the most common types of eCommerce customers include:

•The Bargain Hunter

This customer type typically visits a website upon discovering or receiving a coupon code. Driven primarily by discounts, they derive the most satisfaction from purchasing products at reduced prices. Such customers appreciate being targeted with discount codes offering better deals when they purchase multiple products at once, or spend over a certain amount.

•The Impulse Buyer

Frequently impulsive and spontaneous, these customers make purchases on a whim, driven solely by their immediate desire for a product they stumble upon. They rarely conduct any pre-purchase research and can be a challenge to target for repeat business.

•The Browser

Commonly referred to as ‘window-shoppers’, browsers typically have minimal to no intent of completing a purchase. While they contribute to boosting traffic on your site, they are unlikely to generate revenue for your business.

•The Buyer

These customers are frequent shoppers with clear preferences and a decisive mindset. They bypass the need to shop around and are often tech-savvy, knowing precisely what they want and where to find it.

•The Returning Customer

Returning customers are committed to making repeat purchases over an extended period. Satisfied with your products and service, they exhibit loyalty and have no inclination to seek alternatives elsewhere.

What Do Customers Expect In ECommerce?

With prices continuing to rise, customer expectations of the eCommerce experience have never been higher. Regardless of their customer type, numerous factors contribute to shaping an individual’s perception of your brand, such as:

  • Your customer service reputation
  • Online reviews
  • Your marketing approach
  • Your social media presence

Additional considerations that can impact customer decisions include:


In an era where convenience is key, the ability to accomplish tasks with the simple click of a button is paramount. As an increasing number of brands offer next or same-day delivery services, all eCommerce stores must prioritise minimal shipping times and hassle-free returns to meet customer expectations.

At JEM Marketing & Fulfilment Services Ltd., we’re pleased to provide industry-leading eCommerce fulfilment solutions. As a reputable provider, we can ensure your products reach customers in a swift, efficient manner. To find out more, please get in touch with our team of experts today.

•Brand Consistency

Maintaining an active presence across numerous social media platforms presents a significant advantage for businesses, especially those that sell online. Prioritising consistent branding across all channels is critical to safeguard the credibility and integrity of your brand.


Customers expect your business to understand their pain points, and have a solution. By customising the shopping experience through personalised recommendations and exclusive offers, you significantly enhance the likelihood of fostering repeat purchases.

•Product Quality

A fundamental yet occasionally overlooked aspect, customers anticipate receiving excellent value for their money when buying from your eCommerce store. Businesses should only launch products they’re confident will genuinely benefit customers, displaying an unwavering commitment to quality at all times.

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Our Top 5 Tips To Drive More Customers To Your ECommerce Marketplace

1. Offer Complimentary Samples

Providing complimentary samples is an excellent strategy for improving customer loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.

By offering these freebies, you demonstrate your commitment to exceeding customer expectations and leaving a positive lasting impression.

2. Send Regular Discount Codes

In addition to being an effective way to grow your email subscriber list, offering regular discount codes to returning customers is a powerful tactic for driving repeat purchases.

Whether it’s a 10% discount sitewide or a generous 50% off a specific item, these codes incentivise loyalty and play a key role in nurturing a dedicated customer base.

3. Personalise The Experience

Embracing personal touches, such as including handwritten thank you notes with every order or offering customisation options, enhances the customer experience significantly.

These thoughtful gestures not only foster greater loyalty but also elevate overall satisfaction, leaving a lasting impression that resonates with customers.

4. Use Custom Packaging

Utilising bespoke packaging can significantly enhance your business’s ability to build customer loyalty over time. Beyond simply making a positive first impression, customised packaging provides repeat customers with a sense of excitement and anticipation with every purchase.

5. Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

Encourage customers to leave reviews of your products, as positive feedback can heavily influence a person’s decision-making process. Display your reviews proudly on your product pages and share them on social media to enhance trust and credibility.

At JEM, we understand that providing a personal and individual touch to parcels can make a monumental difference to a company’s reputation. That’s why we’re pleased to provide our clients with bespoke packing and gift wrapping options. Please get in touch with our team to find out more.

How Do You Retain Customers In ECommerce?

In today’s competitive landscape, retaining eCommerce customers might feel like an impossible task. However, there are strategies you can implement to simplify the process. By employing the expertise of a professional fulfilment service, you can deliver an exceptional customer experience that is tailored to resonate with your target audience and cement their loyalty to your brand.

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