The Perfect Gift to End an Imperfect Year

November 2020 - Ecommerce, Fulfilment, Our Friends

Christmas 2020 Gift Tips For Businesses

As well as the usual festive concerns, like will there be enough turkey, there’s also coronavirus uncertainty so we can’t plan our celebrations the way we normally do. We may be limited in who we can have round on Christmas day, at the JEM office we’ve been wondering about Christmas 2020 gift tips for businesses, mid-pandemic.

We think we’ve come up with the perfect Christmas 2020 gift ideas, that can be anticipated and then enjoyed in 2021. After this year, we will all deserve a little indulgence, so why not give it with a gift voucher to your ecommerce offering towards a hotel stay or experience day. Our client, SK Chase, helps luxury hotels worldwide develop their gift voucher sales. Since pioneering digital voucher technology over 16 years ago, they have developed and grown over the years to provide a voucher solution to over 300 of the most luxurious hotels and resorts throughout the UK and further afield.

Gleneagles voucher

Present your loved ones with beautifully printed personalised vouchers

You could get gift vouchers emailed and then forward it onto family, but it’s not quite the same as presenting your loved ones with the beautifully printed personalised vouchers that SK Chase do. It could be a lovely way to cheer up that special someone, and worth getting together with other friends and family to all pitch in a little for that special stay or sumptuous meal to look forward to. With a voucher expiry date of at least 18 months, the gift can be used when the world is a little bit less crazy.

There are plenty of options and they can are super simple to purchase here.  We came up with our top 4 Christmas 2020 gift ideas (prices correct at time of writing);

  1. Drink in the bar at Simpson’s (London) and three-course dining experience in the Grand Divan. £120
  2. Gin tasting experience for two at Luton Hoo (Bedfordshire). £55
  3. A 50-minute spa treatment followed by afternoon tea at Voco Hotel (Cardiff). £79
  4. A monetary gift for Gleneagles (Perthshire) to be used against a stay, dining, or experience such as archery or rifle shooting. Any amount from £50 to £5000

gin tasting image

Photo; Gin Tasting at Luton Hoo. From


What does JEM do for SK Chase?

At JEM, we designed and provided a program that allowed us to link in with SK Chase custom-built software. We provide SK Chase with a fully racked, temperature-controlled warehouse to ensure the stocks are managed correctly, a dedicated Account Manager, and warehouse staff. Having such a devoted set-up process and staff allows SK Chase to put their trust in us.

‘It’s always a relief to know that our fulfilment is being taken such good care of – by people who genuinely care,’ says Kaye Taylor, SK Chase Co-founder, and Chair. ‘I, and the whole team at SK Chase, are very grateful.’

The key to success in this relationship is communication. From the very start, JEM have been involved with the growth plans of SK Chase and it quickly became a partnership.

‘It’s been another great year and we’re massively indebted to you for the fantastic work of your team. We’re expecting a big week next week and we know the team at JEM will be ready to deal with whatever it throws at them. Thank you once again and looking forward to an even bigger year next year.’

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What can JEM do for your business?

With JEM, you get all the benefits of our expertise and over 30 years of experience. We are set up to label, kit, and package on demand. Your products will have dedicated order staging areas for product assembly and kitting so you can have the products sent out shelf ready, retail display ready, or straight to the customer, in whatever combination you need. We are experts at handling fluctuations – from big sales to trending products, we can handle all your fulfilment so you can focus on growing your business. We are proud to say we kept making deliveries safely throughout lockdown, meeting our usual high expectations, and helping our clients succeed at a time of uncertainty and a surge in online sales.

If you need a UK fulfilment house and want to know how we can benefit you, please talk to us about your needs. You can call us on 01483 204444, email us at or fill out our simple form on our contact us page.

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