New Year, New Fulfilment House

April 2020 - Fulfilment, JEM News

Switch up your fulfilment house!

Have you experienced a tough time over Christmas with your customer orders not reaching them on time or perhaps the customer having the incorrect items being sent? What you need is a dependable fulfilment house that has a secure system in place before the rising wave of orders arrive. At JEM Marketing and Fulfilment Services Ltd, we have the expert staff, computer systems, assembly and kitting services and pick and pack methods to sail through the busiest periods with efficient ease.

Christmas time can be a stressful and hectic time for brands. With the spike of customer orders coming through in December, so many warehouses struggle to keep up with the additional order demand, but this doesn’t mean that your business’ reputation has to suffer due to the errors of your fulfilment house. Now mistakes do happen, we are all human, but it is the volume of mistakes and how you ensure they don’t happen again in this manner that is crucial.

What Sets us Apart from the Rest?

We put a thorough plan in place for expected busy periods and fully train staff in each and every one of your products, which is why in our busiest period that is December, we had an error rate of just 0.03%. Each error was quickly resolved before Christmas and have all since been thoroughly investigated and addressed, with a new procedure put in place ensuring that it doesn’t happen again. This means that we have lowered the margin for errors even further. Our aim is to be complete error-free and we are always working towards this goal.

Outsource your product orders to JEM and you will see why we are one of the most reliable fulfilment houses in the UK; leaving your customers satisfied and giving you more time to put your feet up and concentrate on your business. Get in touch with us today and tell us all about your business and the products that you sell. We can then provide you with a bespoke quote from the services that we offer.

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