How to Run a Successful ECommerce Business During the Christmas Period

September 2023 - Ecommerce, Fulfilment

As we step into Autumn, basking in the cosy, comforting atmosphere it brings, something magical is unfolding on the shelves of our favourite online and high-street stores. If you’re an online retailer, now is the perfect time to start creating effective eCommerce Christmas campaigns that will position your business ahead of the game in 2024.

In the months leading up to the festive season, business owners should strive to mastermind and launch an eCommerce Christmas strategy that is guaranteed to be a profit-driven success. These efforts won’t just ring in financial gain, but will also weave a spell that keeps customers returning to your digital doorstep, time and time again.

At JEM Marketing & Fulfilment Services Ltd., we’re seasoned pros in helping both established brands and start-ups alike thrive during the Christmas period. Based in Cranleigh, Surrey, JEM operates in the UK, Europe and across the globe to ensure every step of your online fulfilment is taken care of.

The moment a customer completes a purchase through your platform, we’ll pick up a notification and our talented team of experts will manage everything, from the initial pick and pack process to dispatching and tracking the order. To find out more about how we can help ease the stress of fulfilment for your business this Christmas, please get in touch. Call us on 01483 204479 and speak to one of our helpful advisors today.

Success Starts With a Good Reputation

Growing your business in today’s competitive marketplace can be tricky. However, by putting in the work to secure stellar customer reviews throughout the year, you’ll be paving the way for attracting new customers this Christmas.

By creating incentives and capitalising on moments of customer happiness, you can gradually build up a portfolio of outstanding customer reviews.

These can, in turn, help your business attract fresh faces during the festive countdown.

At JEM Marketing, we pride ourselves on providing superior customer service, uniquely designed to ensure your customers have a positive buying experience.

Our fully trained customer care team is on hand during office hours, ready and waiting to take orders and answer phone calls – they can even manage exchanges and issue refunds if required. To discover more about our custom order management services, please get in touch.

Step-By-Step ECommerce Guide to a Successful Christmas Period

Before diving into the realm of creative ideas for this year’s Christmas marketing strategy, there are a number of practical steps you can take to guarantee a successful Christmas period. These include:

  • Inventory Management – Analyse data sales from previous years to forecast demand accurately. Stock up on popular products and plan for any limited Christmas stock.
  • Optimise Your Website – Ensure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly. Streamline the purchasing process by simplifying navigation and decorating your site with festive visuals.
  • Monitor & Adjust – Continuously monitor web traffic, sales data and customer feedback. Use analytics tools to track performance.

ECommerce Christmas Campaign Ideas

To truly make your mark and stand out amid the festive chaos, it’s essential to tap into the emotions of your customers and encourage them to share their outstanding experiences with your online store.

Crafting a distinctive and personalised shopping journey is key to cutting through the festive noise, ultimately attracting new customers and ramping up your sales.

Among our long list of eCommerce Christmas marketing ideas, here are a few standouts:

•Personalised Gift Recommendations

Harness the power of customer data to offer tailored gift suggestions. This not only elevates the shopping experience, making it more individualised, but it also simplifies the process of finding the perfect gift.

•Advent Calendar

Launch an online advent calendar where customers can unlock a new deal or discount code each day leading up to Christmas.

•Social Media Contests

Embrace the festive season by hosting captivating Christmas-themed contests across your social media platforms, designed to ignite creativity and foster user engagement.

For example, a beauty brand might extend an invitation to its followers, encouraging them to unleash their inner makeup artist and create stunning Christmas-themed looks using the brand’s products.

The brand will prompt participants to share their wonderful creations, tagging them in photos and videos. The brand will then select a winner and offer a prize. This could be anything from a recently launched product to a Christmas-themed bundle.

•Christmas Influencer Collaborations

Partner with influencers in your industry to promote your products and provide authentic reviews and recommendations in the lead-up to the festive period.

An excellent example of influencer marketing done right is the case of Michelle Wie West’s collaboration with Nike. In December 2020, the up-and-coming athlete teamed up with the sportswear giant to launch a ‘Holiday Giveaway’. The rules were simple: follow both Michelle and Nike Golf on Instagram, like the post and tag a friend with whom you’d share your prize of branded golf attire.

Michelle Wie West, an experienced professional golfer, serves as the perfect brand ambassador, adding credibility and significant exposure to the brand.

By adopting a similar approach, you can attract an entirely new audience, individuals with whom your paths might not usually cross.

•Email Marketing Series

Develop a series of festive email campaigns.

Start as early as possible to keep customers engaged and informed about festive deals and product launches.

Let Us Help

Now you’re versed on how to run a successful eCommerce business during the Christmas period, it’s time to take action. At JEM Marketing & Fulfilments Services Ltd., our UK fulfilment centre is ready and waiting to take on your eCommerce logistics, helping to ease the stress associated with the festive rush.

From providing expert storage solutions in our climate-controlled warehouses to superior order processing services, we can assist you in providing an outstanding experience for your customers this Christmas.

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