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Approved Under the Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme

We Are An Approved Fulfilment House Under the Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme! Shipping your products to a fulfilment house that you trust is important. A new government law is being introduced in 2019; with this law, all fulfilment houses have to undergo an inspection, meet government standards and only then will they be approved […]

JEM News - April 2020

New Year, New Fulfilment House

Have you experienced a tough time over Christmas with your customer orders not reaching them on time or perhaps the customer having the incorrect items being sent? What you need is a dependable fulfilment house that has a secure system in place before the rising wave of orders arrive. At JEM Marketing and Fulfilment Services […]

JEM News - April 2020

Warehouse Expansion

With the growing demand for storage and the requirements to facilitate e-commerce fulfilment, we have responded by taking the natural route of progression by expanding our warehouse. The demand for online retail is constantly increasing and JEM Marketing are thrilled to offer the space to accommodate this; whether it be for new business or to allow our existing […]

JEM News - April 2020

Taking a break is good for business

Studies show you’ll live longer, have fewer physical ailments and even be more productive if you take a week off at least once a year. Even better, taking care of your biggest business asset (you) can release inspiring ideas and a step back allows a better ‘big picture’ perspective. It’s also a good idea to […]

Feature - April 2020

Benefits of Bespoke

What are the Benefits of Bespoke Packaging? Whether you’re growing your fledgling online retail company or you’re a seasoned global seller using a third party, getting order fulfilment right is key to customer satisfaction. Adding personal touches to your orders can seem daunting. However, at JEM Marketing we have a bespoke approach to picking and packing your products. Personal […]

Ecommerce, Fulfilment - April 2020

It’s never too early for the C-word

Is your business and eCommerce website ready for the festive season? We all know someone who won’t tolerate a mention of the c-word until late November. But business owners know better. It’s never too early to start talking about Christmas (there, we said it). Way back in 2011, shoppers waited until the 1st December to start […]

Feature - April 2020

Minibar Products can focus on growth

Minibar Products can focus on growth after choosing JEM Marketing and Fulfilment   By choosing JEM Marketing and Fulfilment services, Minibar Products can focus on product quality and expanding brand awareness. “As a small business we found ourselves struggling to keep on top of the growing task of dispatching our orders. As a predominantly sales […]

Feature, Our Friends - April 2020

Get your business Brexit Ready

Are you prepared to leave the EU? From import and export tax to EU bound parcels, Brexit means you might have to do things a bit differently, whenever the actual deal (or no deal) happens. Here’s a handy guide to what you need to consider so you and your business are ready for the changes […]

Feature, JEM News - April 2020

Est. 1984

Happy Anniversary to JEM Marketing & Fulfilment Services   Let’s celebrate like it’s 1984! Get out the balloons – JEM is celebrating its 35-year anniversary! From the first newspaper Reader Offer in 1984 to current global eCommerce order fulfilment in 2019, the company has come a long way. We look back at what was hot […]

JEM News - April 2020

Online Store Policies

How to Establish Policy Control and What You Should Include   Whatever the size of your online store, if you’re selling to customers you need policy statements. Policies are a set of rules, or commitments, that keep your business transactions consistent, secure and correct. They enhance customer service by boosting customer confidence and provide reassurance […]

Feature, Technology - April 2020